This site will sell the facts about MDF, also known as Medium-Density Fibreboard, so that we can learn how to improve the quality of our lives and those for generations to come.

The Public must demand Healthy Homes and living environments: we have the non toxic materials and we have the Technology.

When MDF  is manufactured the, binders or glues that often used in the production contain such hazardous chemicals as formaldehyde.  These chemicals are known to offgas, contributing to the (indoor) air quality  While it is great that new innovations include formaldehyde-free MDF, consumers must demand to know what if any other hazardous chemicals are being used in the composition of the product and or service.


Learn more about the invisible enemy of electromagnetic fields (EMF) at:

Get together with friends to buy an EMF Meter: a professional and scientific measurement device to define where electrical pollution can be minimized or eliminated.

When selecting Building and Maintenance products we recommend the comphrensive AFM Safe Coat non toxic building paints, primers, coatings (stains, finishes, & naturals), sealerscaulking, and adhesives and shampoos. Please visit these non toxic themed websites to view extensive product information complete with Material Safety Data Sheets.  By using AFM SafeCoat products with zero or low VOC content we can ensure that related offgassing  or outgassing is eliminated or minimized.

For maintenance and cleaning tasks we recommend  and also provide information and a source to buy AFM SafeChoice ® non toxic cleaning products.  We have our detergent and healthy websites to serve you.  The former provides MSDS information pertinent to many non toxic detergents beyond those of AFM SafeChoice ® and and the latter AFM SafeChoice ® carpet care products and head & body shampoo.

BUY A HEALTHY SEALER to use when the surface is not exposed and other surfaces and coatings are adhered.  This non toxic coating creates a soft tacky membrane to minimize offgassing improve adhesion.
MULTI-USE LOW GLOSS SEALER for highly porous surfaces such as PARTICLE BOARD (Chipboard, MDF, etc.), plywood, processed wood and porous concrete.  Remember to apply extra coatings to all edges and drill holes.
1 Quart .98 Litre
1 Gallon / 3.6 Litres
5 Gallons / 18.6 Litres

Contact Mark (based in Toronto, Ontario Canada) at 416.769.7700 for more information, service and or to place your order.

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Selling the facts about the raw materials seroiusly affecting our health.

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